My Daily Winter Make-Up

My Daily Winter Make-Up
Hey Y’all!
This is what I wear on my face on a day to day basis during the winter time. I tend to stick to the basics then add on to the look depending on where I am going. This is also great for school, just enough to make you look naturally pretty!

Too Faced Cosmetics summer makeup -> Love this bronzer, it’s matte and warms up my pasty winter like face. Oh and it smells like chocolate…need I say more?

Jouer tinted moisturizer -> In the winter my dry skin goes to the extreme so I like to wear tinted moisturizer. This gives a great coverage, well nice enough to even out your skin tone.

TheBalm prom makeup -> Love this two for one cheek and lip stain from the balm. Gives you a natural looking flush that lasts all day.

Buxom fake eyelash -.> I love how light this mascara feels on my lashes and it gives them a natural look. It still somehow makes my lashes look awesome too. Definitely an underrated mascara!

Concealer -> Lovin this L’Oreal concealer, it is so creamy and great for under your eyes.

Going Blonde!

Hey Y’all!

So I wanted to give a  little update and that is I am in the process of going blonde. Right now I am at a light golden blonde and I am absolutely loving it. I never really thought I would look good as a blonde, even though I was a natural blonde at one point in my life. I am having a lot of fun with it right now and plan to keep going lighter. I’ll keep y’all updated! :)Image

My new jacket obsession!

my musthave jacket


When I woke up this morning it was 27 degrees outside! This is crazy for November in Texas, but alas you can’t predict the weather here. But the freezing cold I woke up to got me thinking…I need a staple winter jacket. I found this one on the JCrew website not that long ago and I am absolutely obsessed with it! It’s such a classic coat that I believe would be worth investing in but the color is where I am having an issue. As in which one would I pick??

I love the stone wash because it is such a classic staple color that would match almost anything that I would wear.I love nude colors anyways but also going into the professional world it would make a good classic jacket.
BUT the pink and teal color I just can’t get off my mind. I love both of these colors and they are fun and sassy. Since my degree is in fashion I think I could get away with one of these.

Battle of the Candles – Fashionista on a Budget


I am obsessed with candles, I especially love the ones Bath & Bodywork’s. They are just so expensive! $20.00 for a candle? Ugh it is such a painful buy sometimes. Earlier this month I was shopping at Homegoods, (aka the TJ Maxx of house wear) I found a stash of all sorts of candles. They were about half their original price too. I didn’t find any of the Slatkin & Co ones, but I found WoodWick which I hear is a really nice candle brand. They also had fancy brands from London and even Calvin Klein candles.

I ended up purchasing the WoodWick candle and I actually really like it. The wick makes a crackling noise as it burns, which reminds me of a fireplace. I love it. The scent quality is there too, it really does make your whole apartment smell good. That is one of the things I love about the B&B candles, their strong scent.

The verdict? I think I will be sticking with my Homegoods candles for now on. I paid only $7.99 for my WoodWick candle as opposed to the $20.00 for the Slatkin & Co brand. They also still offered fall scents, so it wasn’t just the scents that were out of season. Looks like Ill only be buying my B&B candles when they are on the 2 for 1 deal. :)



How to look good, when you feel terrible


Fall is here, which means that the weather is changing, with the changing weather comes illness. Ah the not-so-beloved cold and flu season. Getting older and growing up has made me realize that the world does not stop when you’re sick anymore. There are those times where you have to keep pushing through it, even when you feel horrible. There are some ways to feel a little bit better when you are feeling not well. Here are my tips.

1. Drink lots and lots of hot tea


Typically I am not one for hot drinks but when I am sick hot tea is absolutely amazing. The warmth of the tea really soothes you throat and chest. It can also relieve some of that congestion and sinus pressure. It’s also really important because it keeps you hydrated, which will help you feel a lot better. There’s nothing worse than being sick AND dehydrated. Plus it tastes good, there are so many flavors and options to choose from.

2. Brightly colored makeup and a cute outfit can go a long way.

ImageWhen you’re feeling under the weather it is hard to find that motivation to still look presentable. My typical sick wear attire consists of yoga pants, over sized sorority t-shirt, glasses, no make-up and a messy bun. We all need these days, yes, but I find when you take the time to put yourself together you feel a lot better. People take notice too. Yesterday I chose to cover up my sickness with a brightly colored necklace and lips. The result? People took notice to my lips and necklace rather than my tired looking face. This part is mainly mental but when you look good, you tend to feel better.

3. Wake up a little earlier/ take a nice shower

I know when you’re sick you may want those extra minutes of rest but I have found when you wake up early and give yourself time to adjust you feel much better. This is specially important if you’re taking medicine to help you sleep such as Nyquil. I actually dealt with this a couple of days ago, I felt my sickness coming on and decided maybe I could sleep it off. The result was I slept in late the next morning and felt extremely exhausted the whole time I was at work. The next day I took Nyquil again but made sure I didn’t sleep more than 8 hours and surprising I felt more awake.

4. Treat yo self’

There is no better time to treat yo self than when you are feeling sick. I like to let my self have things that I normally don’t. Such as soda, spicy food, chocolate and etc. It doesn’t have to just be food related but I find when treating myself when I’m sick makes me feel better. Letting yourself have those things you normally don’t gives you a little dose of happiness when you feel miserable. Oh and Retail therapy is real y’all.


I wish you all good health :)




Retail Rant

Okay ya’ll…

Since when did it become okay for a grown man to not wear deodorant? I’ve worked in retail for the past 2 years and this seems to be a reoccurring theme. I just don’t understand, what’s even worse is that I am forced to assist them and smell these awful scents. Sometimes it’s so bad that it lingers in the fitting rooms and stinks up the clothing they try on. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Haha I know it’s gross but it happens so much it just boggles my mind. Half the time these men have girlfriends with them, whom I feel sorry for. Let me know what ya’ll think?